Monday, August 30, 2010

Photos from the "Equality" Art Show

Our "Equality" art show was a success, we had about 100 people come out in support. I was very happy in the variety of photos I took that day.....straight, gay, married, partnered, mother-daughter and mother-to-be. We were very pleased that Will Love, a writer from the magazine Out In Jersey, came out to pose and cover the story of New Jersey Equality for their October/November issue. I was thrilled that Jon and Michael Galluccio, authors of "An American Family" and trailblazers in gay adoption came out with their two children.....their picture is one of my personal favorites, has the feel of Mt. Rushmore, which was unintentional. So take a look at the photos from that day and feel free to leave your thoughts.

Adam Neal

After coming out, my entire life changed. And not because I came out to my family, my friends, or even total strangers. At 17, I finally came out to myself. I never realized the pain I had been suppressing for years, because I couldn't give voice to who or what I was. Our society has a habit of neglecting gay people, whether or not we are 'portrayed' in a superficial way. Being gay is not a culture, a style, or a persona, it's a multifaceted identity. Until society accepts us for who we really are - people who experience love differently - there will always be people without a true voice.

Jessica Butler

I went to art school at Fashion Institute of Technology. Many of my friends from there are gay along with friends from other places and some family members. I love them all no matter if they are gay or not because their sexual preference doesn't make a difference to me. Everyone has a right to be happy! I support gay marriage!!

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